samedi 23 mai 2015

What's that ?!

Explanations ?

jeudi 23 avril 2015

Special poster

Usually I only make posters for Selah Sue and her concerts. But this time I decided to use an unfinished one of my collection for a special time.
Fanpage This World of Selah Sue got 2'000 followers today, which is huge.
It seems that polish fangirl deserves : every day she spends her time with collecting lots of things, pics, videos, sometimes in a dziki way but whatever.
She shares good vibes and she gets back love.
She talks polish but also english too and sometimes spanish but also portuguese and even french.
She wants to be exhaustive and perfect on what she does: nobody can't be... but actually she's good at it !
She plays guitar, she writes, she can cover Selah Sue, sometimes she can study also.
Sometimes she's white, sometimes she's black but most of time she's more in grey. Like her cat.

And she will welcome you warmly as the two thousand and first follower of This World of Selah Sue !
Find out her there ! ;)