dimanche 22 mars 2015

Studio version of...

Won't go for more

...which is called actually "I won't go for more" ! Can you give me the reason ?

I no longer cry thinking about you...
When I do recall the days I see your face smiling like I do

Anyway, this "full" version (with lots of different instruments voice/mechanical/computer) is that great.
Both guitars. Listen well and you could even notice Selah + Selah.
High voice of Selah marries well harmonies.
Lovelier than into the acoustic version.
Lots of different voices are making the song, electro male+females ones.
If you go until the end, you even got a happy ending with such a nice Carribean tune.
After all, she may already planned her holidays, the ones after her Reason Tour...

vendredi 20 février 2015

Enter Sanne Putseys's ears...

It has been actually the most interesting interview about Selah Sue I've listened to in a while.
Not only she gives titles of tunes or names of bands... but it also goes from childhood to today, which is quiet incredible. And so complete.
Dank U Radio Nova ! ♥

For free

And also free is de playlist !